Articulate 360 includes Review 360, a web app that simplifies the entire process of collecting feedback from stakeholders and subject matter experts (SMEs). You can upload your Storyline 360 or Rise 360 course, share a link with reviewers, and then they can add their comments and feedback in context so you can see exactly what they are talking about. Review 360 is going to save you so much time!

Articulate CTO Arlyn Asch has some great suggestions on how you can simplify your course review process with Review 360. Take a look:

Simply publish your Storyline 360 or Rise content to Review 360. You can share the link with your reviewers to see how easy Review 360 makes it to gather, view, and manage feedback in one place.

If you’d like to learn more about Review 360, take a look at these resources:

N Tatone

The online applications are great (Review, Rise, etc.) Review certainly does make it easier to gather feedback. Plus it has a few options for viewing the feedback (course and feedback views). Here are some suggestions to make it even better 1. Being able to highlight exactly the area being commented on - When using a Rise course with 4-5 blocks in a lesson, the comments are default in chronological order. Many Rise blocks will build courses in a long scrolling format, that the oldest comments on the lesson will appear at the bottom where they normally would be applicable to the top of the lesson (if comments are made chronologically) 2. Linking Review Comments to source file - I couldn't figure a way to transfer comments into my source file. My work around was to have my course op... Expand