Why Rise Blocks are the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Growing up, I was fascinated with building things. Whether fabricating tree houses in the woods or tinkering with the Erector set I received when I was ten, I loved the creative building process. But nothing captured my attention more than the classic Lego sets. With so many sizes and shapes at my disposal, my imagination came alive as I stacked the blocks. I devoted many happy hours to building and creating.

And while I still love playing with Legos, lately another type of block fires my imagination and rekindles that childlike sense of effortless creative flow: the blocks in our new Rise 360 authoring app. Here are three reasons why they’ll transport you back to your childhood and ignite your creativity.

Rise Block Library


1. Explore new ideas effortlessly

Using blocks in Rise 360 is much like building with those classic Lego sets. You can build quickly by stacking them on top of one another in nearly limitless combinations, and each iteration brings a different look and feel to your project. If you don’t like the look, no problem; you simply reorder them or break them apart and start over.

Sometimes, creating in digital mediums can feel daunting and take a lot of time and effort to iterate. You might lose a few hours just to wireframing and getting a visual sense for what your project could look like before you even get to play. Not so with blocks in Rise 360. With these blocks, you start to play immediately. You get to recapture the joy of watching something take shape right before your eyes, and then tearing it down and starting again.


2. Form-factor variety

As much as I loved the classic square blocks. Legos sure are a lot more fun when you have more than just one type of block. Having a variety of Legos really lets you get creative and test out new ideas. And that’s the beauty of Rise 360. You have access to a wide variety of block types. From simple text blocks to accordions and other interactive blocks, you have an exciting variety at your fingertips.


3. Anticipation of creative possibilities

I remember being so excited the night before Christmas or my birthday as I imagined what type of Legos might await me the next day. The anticipation fired the imagination! Rise captures that same feeling, as the blocks are ever-expanding for more creative possibilities. As I write this post, new blocks are being tested and prepared so we can expand our creative horizons. What blocks will come next, and how will they further change what I can create? I can’t wait to find out. If only I could go shake that box under the tree to listen for some clues!

There’s no question I love the cutting-edge responsive design technology that’s baked into Rise. But I equally love Rise because I don’t even think of it as a piece of technology or as an e-learning tool. I consider it a creative outlet. Suddenly, I’m ten years old again, building whatever my mind dreams up. Then, I get to tear it apart and build again to see what my next creation will look like.

So if your e-learning tool doesn’t leave you feeling like a kid again, then come play with Rise 360 and ignite your creativity. I think you’re going to love it as much as I do.

Happy playing!

Gregg Wanciak
Sylvia Harrell