Welcome to Epiphanies

We were elbows deep in the E-Learning Heroes redesign when we had a sudden, intuitive insight. An epiphany. What if we made it easy for folks to discover the week's best E-Learning Heroes content right from their inboxes?  

Maybe it would spark a new idea or provide the perfect inspiration for a new course. 

And so E-Learning Epiphanies was born. The five best e-learning links of the week, delivered directly to your inbox.

Every week, it highlights amazing content designed just for course creators. Here are a few reasons why we think (and hope) you'll love it: 

  • See inspirational examples that get your creative juices flowing 
  • Get free course assets, including templates and e-books
  • Learn new instructional design skills and approaches
  • Get tips, tricks, and shortcuts for creating courses learners love
  • See what 158,000 other course creators are passionately discussing 

With E-Learning Epiphanies, you'll always have the best e-learning content right at your fingertips. Enjoy!