Your Go-To Guide to Building Quizzes with Storyline

Knowledge checks are an essential piece of the e-learning puzzle. They’re a must-have for learners to determine whether they’ve mastered all the concepts in your course. And they’re the best way for you to know if your course is delivering the right info.

So what does an effective e-learning quiz look like? Great quizzes have a few things in common. They’re composed of clearly written and easily understandable questions. The answer choices (if the quiz has them) challenge the learner to think through what they’ve learned. And if the learner makes the wrong choice, the quiz offers helpful feedback to get them back on track. Finally, great quizzes come in compelling forms that capture learners’ attention.

We’ve got plenty of resources to help you with every aspect of building great quizzes and knowledge checks, such as:


Before diving into the details, let’s make sure you’re familiar with Articulate Storyline’s built-in quizzing features. Take a gander at these helpful tutorials to make sure you’re making the most of Storyline:

Instructional Design (ID) Tips

Get pro tips on writing and designing great quizzes that are a meaningful cornerstone of the learning experience. Give these articles a try:


Now that you’ve written some insightful questions and relevant feedback, it’s time to put your quizzes into practice with the great tools in Articulate Storyline. These how-tos will show you how:


One of the best ways to get your creative juices flowing is to see how other e-learning developers have tackled similar challenges. Check out these two round-ups to see curated collections of excellent knowledge checks:


Whether you’re looking to kick-start your project in a hurry or for some files to help you put these ideas into practice, free downloads are a great resource. Here are some sleekly designed quiz freebies:

We hope you’re feeling ready to build your next quiz. If you need help, just turn to the E-Learning Heroes discussion forums. You’ll get all the support and feedback you need to create something awesome. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for updates on all things e-learning.

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