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May 30, 2011


I am trying to build a Proof of Concept for a very "scenario-based" client project.

The client currently has 6 x scenarios in a row, they are all pretty typical, (with other explanatory detail on both sides). The format they take is:

"Scenario --> choose one of the 3 or 4 options --> get an explanation" - just built using web .html

I have used the "Tab Interaction" to create the first one with custom colours, some hidden slides and powerpoint hyperlinking for the second one, and now I am getting a bit stuck.

I am not keen on using the same techniques over and over, but maybe 6 of the same style in a row is the way to go here....?

Anyone got any ideas on an "interesting" way to differentiate between the 6 scenarios without them being to "samey", or could I just jump from one to another without the audience getting bored?

Just looking for a bit of "wow" here, and just stuck for ways to take this. It may just be a tiny detail, perhaps a slide between the scenarios, I would appreciate any ideas people have.



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Steve Flowers

You could make them into "missions" and differentiate with contextual details (location, characters, conflict) and aesthetic details (colors / shapes).

If you were able to use missions... once the mission were completed, you could weave a checklist in to indicate the mission accomplishment already reached and which one comes next. This could be cleverly integrated into an after-action review, indicating the choices that were right and the choices that would have been wrong (1 - really wrong, 2 - not as terrible but still wrong, 3 - one that could go either way but should be avoided, 4 - right but not the best, 5 - the best choice given the circumstances).

Bruce Graham

Thanks Steve.

That gives me some ideas. I would need to see whether the "answers" can be ranked in order of "wrongness".

I am going to be having a session with them which goes over Quiz design, and Quizzing concepts, so perhaps this is where I need to find out whether this is possibilities.

I like the idea of the "after action review", but I would need to get more from them in terms of the answers...

I have access to graphical design teams, so I also like the idea of a run through theme, (for some reason I'm thinking simple white silhouettes on a background that uses one of the colours they use).

Hmmmm - some nice ideas here that would mean the 6 x "repeats" would be more appealing, and I have to say I do LOVE the idea of using the Tab interaction for scenarios.

Thanks again.


Phil Mayor

Hi Bruce

I agree i think it would be good to use 6 tabbed interaction, differentiate then by changing the colour on the tabbed interaction.

How are you selecting the scenarios, I have a flash tool that stores variables in articulate, and will unlock a continue button when all six have been accessed, you just need access to flash to edit the file.


Bruce Graham

Thanks Phil.

I think that is too complex for what they want and need.

They have a pre-and post-test, so the scenario variables are just run through one by one. We could go more complex, but I think I need to stick with vanilla OOTB tools here. Thanks for the offer though.

I think the important thing here is to get the learning from the scenarios at a higher level than it currently is - using "Confirm and reiterate when they get it right, and add appropriate learning when they get it wrong".

This has been useful - sometimes it's just a small "Unlock brain" variable that's neded


Bob S


With that many short scenarios, I might consider theming them with a classic TV/Radioshow approach. Lots of possibilities here...

"When last we left our brave adventurers..."

"In this episode, Johnny Closer faces his toughest sale yet..."

"Episode 4 of Lost in the Jargon: Keep it Simple..."

And of course the TV/Radio show theme certainly opens up some cool possibilities for look and feel of the Engage lauch page.

Hope this helps!

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