A Rube Goldberg Engage Interaction

I may be trying to get too fancy for my own good here.

I've created and published an Engage interaction to our corporate intranet. The challenge: we don't have an LMS, so right now what people need to do is navigate to a Sharepoint web page where the interaction can be found within a document library web part that displays the other resources and job aids available. They're static .pdf files, so there's no issue there. However, people who want to view my "interactive job aid" need to open the interaction folder, and select the interaction flash file.

I'm trying to reduce the number of clicks it would take to open the interaction, rather than promise that they'll find the information they're looking for "right after this next click." Like Foursquare promising the mayorship in just one day, you know?

I got the impression that I could do this by modifying the variables listed in the engage.html file, and placing that in the document library to link to the Interaction files elsewhere.  But I'm having difficulty doing this.

Am I making things way too complex? Or is this Rube Goldberg approach do-able?

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eric mongrain

paul if you add a list library   to the sharepoint page and then go to the document library were you have the interaction,  right click on the flash file and choose copy shortcut.  then go back to the list file you just created and make sure you have a picture/link field and paste the link into the field and in the field under the link named discription, place a name for the file.  I know this may sound crazy but i do it all the time with our sharepoint intranet.  You can hide the document library and just have all the links to the different files displaying.  if you have any questions send me an email at eric.mongrain@amerigas.com