Accents not displaying correctly in menu

I am working on a translation project. The course was built in English, but translated to Spanish and Portuguese. When the title of the Engage interaction has an accent mark, it displays a diamond with a question mark in the Presenter menu. I have tried to change the font to Arial Unicode, but it doesn't seem to fix it. Any suggestions? 

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Danielle,

Sorry to hear about the trouble. I was able to find a similar issue that was reported with Quizmaker '13. The accents were showing the same diamond and question mark in quiz titles.

Though Studio '13 does not fully support non-western characters just yet, it does look like the issue for Quizmaker will be resolved in the next update. I'll be sure to update the issue to include Engage as well, and hopefully this will resolve the issue in both programs when the update is released. 

Please also make sure that you've installed Update 1 for Studio '13:

We'll announce the next update as soon as it's available. 

If you have any additional information, please share. The more information we have on the issue, the faster we can work toward a solution.

Thank you!