Add an existing Engage Interaction - where is the file?


I added an existing engage interaction from a previous learning unit. The file imported well - I can see and edit the interaction within the new learning unit. However when I try to save the new interaction as a player tab the file does not show within the learning unit folder with the other engage files.folder.

How do I add an existing interaction and transfer the file? It appears to be embedded?

Thank you!


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Robert Kennedy


From what you describe, the file is probably still in the old folder.  It does not automatically copy it over.  It simply links over to it.  I would just go to the old folder, copy the interaction and paste it inside the folder where you are working on the current module.  Then go back to your player tabs area.  If anything is there, then remove and re-insert the interaction now by browsing to the new folder that you pasted the item in.  Hopefully that works out for you.

Brian Batt

Hi Geri,

Is the narration already in the MP4 file itself or is it a separate file?

If the narration is already in the MP4 file, you can insert the MP4 file by using the method below:

If the narration is not in the MP4 file, you can just import the audio into the slide that contains the MP4 file: