Add glossary as a tab

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I'm new in the world of creating E-learning, so sometimes I’m struggling

to find the right way to do things. I hope I’m at the right place here.

How can I add a glossary as a tab?

I did found how to add it as a attachment but I want the people to be able to look into the

glossary at all times.  (and I think it looks much nicer as a tab, then a attachment).

I’m working with Articulate Engage ‘09

Thanks for your answer.

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Francisca Hutten

I think I did not make myself clear enough. Sorry for that. 

I do have a glossary ready. I want to use it in future E-learnings as well. I do know how to add it as an attachment, in a "drop down menu", but don't know how to add it as a tab. My situation now:

And I would like to have it like:

Robert Kennedy

Francisca, Dwayne's answer above will give you exactly what you need.  The Glossary that you see in that Prometheus module is an Engage interaction.  If you already have your Engage interaction prepared, you simply add it like a regular engage interaction but once the dialog that Dwayne has pictured above comes up, then you Add Existing and navigate to the file you have already created.  If by "ready" you mean you have already created the glossary in another software, then you will need to transfer it to the Engage interaction manually before inserting.