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amey waingankar

Yes you can add your custom colors, just click on the Colors option on the top in the Timeline Engage interaction which is beside Interaction Properties, at the bottom of that drop down you will find an option New Color Scheme just select it and u can give colors as you want.

I have added a scrren shot below for your help:

Silvia Vantusso

Hi Amey,

thanks for your reply, but the problem isn't the scheme itself. I need to change one color of one specific timeline period and event. In particular I need orange that is not foreseen in the engage interaction for period/color.

I attached a picture.

thanks a lot.


amey waingankar

HI Silvia,

When you publish the engage file you will get to see 2 files and 1 folder i.e. engage content, insidde this folder you will find a data.xml file, open it with notepad or notepad++ and edit the period color.

To some what similar to orange i have find out the color i have added the image for same:

The line which you need to replace the HEX color is as follows:

0xFF0800" valueb="0xFF0800" inner="0xFF0800" hovera="0xFFFFFF" hoverb="0x0221CC" />

adjust this value as the color you want and you will get to see the output.

Following is the data.xml page image for help:

 The highlighted part is for period and other for event.

I guess this might help you out. Lets hope soo