Aligning two columns of text in Engage tabs

I'm trying to put two columns of text into the text area of a Tab. I am tabbing from the colon at the end of the first word/phrase to the beginning of the second column. Everything looks hunky-dory in this location. Both columns are aligned.

Preview and Publish both reveal a completely random spacing between the two columns. How do I align the text? I'm sure this is something I'm not doing properly.

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Crisa.

Unfortunately Engage doesn't have a built in method for doing two columns and you probably aren't doing anything wrong. The way Engage handles tabbing text isn't likely to give you the results you want. You might want to do that text in an external program and take a screenshot and include it as an image.

Suman Y

Hey Crisa,

I remember doing something similar in the past. Although engage does not support this feature as of now, there's a way to achieve the column effect.

Therefore, instead of adding spaces, you can add any character (preferably alphabet/number) and change the font color of these characters to white such that it merges in to the background and is not visible. Do not add any space between/before/after the characters. 

Also, since each character is of different width, at times the elements in the second column appears mis-aligned, i.e. they do not appear to begin in the same position as the previous element. To tackle this spacing issue, you may have to vary the (white-font) characters (by varying between wide characters such as (W, M, U, E, etc.) and narrow characters such as (1, I, T, etc.) from row to row or even within the same row.

Hope this helps. I've attached an example with the output. Notice the use of 'WI', WK' and '1W' just before the words in the second column.