Animating image and text in Engage

If this has been already discussed, please delete my post.  I did a search but didn't find anything yet on my topic. 

Does anyone else get tired of flat Engage slides?  Such as, a Tabs Engage which has some static text and image.   One solution I came to recently was to insert a FLV instead of the normal text and / or image along with audio narration.    But, the FLV was created through using PowerPoint's create movie function.   Ok, I hear you... PowerPoint won't create a movie in Flash.   Don't get ahead here .     Using this technique you can create anything you want in PowerPoint (layers, animation, motion, etc)   and when you create the video in PowerPoint, it is all there!    The movie is created as a WMV file.   Next, you just use Articulate Video Encoder to convert the WMV to a FLV file.   

A couple of things I have learned:

1) If you don't need the tab space for long labels, reduce tab size to 25% of desktop

2) With PowerPoint, change your page settings to 12 inches wide / 10 inches high (this way, it fits nicely into your Engage tab space.)   

3) When inserting the FLV into Engage, use custom settings to maximize the size of the inserted movie.  I use width 432   height 360 px

4) Make a separate PowerPoint file for each movie you create.

Play with it,  it spices up a flat Engage.  I found that there is some clarity loss so you have to be careful with fine detail and small text.    

Here is a screen shot of an Engage tab.   While you can't see the animation, this is a movie recorded from PowerPoint.  In this case, the elements reveal as the narration calls for it. 


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