Annotations as part of an Engage Timeline

We are working on a course and have selected the Engage timeline interaction.  When we get to our last slide we want to attach an image file and have them use the magnifying glass to enlarge the image.  I also want to have a spotlight annotation run that highlights the one section on the image we attached to this piece of the timeline.  Is there an easy way to do or can it be done?

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Dixie and welcome to Heroes! Adding an image and using a magnifying glass is pretty simple. When you add the image you are given the option to zoom the image in the same window or a new browser window or not at all. For more info see:

Unfortunately, you cannot also use annotations on a slide that contains an Engage interaction. If you really wanted to use an annotation, yo would need to do something in PowerPoint directly and annotate that. Here are some tutorials on how you can use annotations:

Dixie Scott


Thank you for the informaiton.  We thought that might be the case since we approached this from several different angles as we were trying to make this work.  Do you know if this could be done by coding similiar to running one engage interaction inside another engage interaction?  We have been successful doing that in the past.  This was the last thing we could think of that might possibly get us where we wanted to go.