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Brent Berheim

Hi - let me jump on this bandwagon (or message...) -

I was just recently notified that an engage interaction (hotspot in my case) is not working in Firefox either - and my Firefox is version 11 (better get updated!!).  Interaction works fine in IE, and Chrome - although am hearing that it is having issues in Safari as well.

Any updates on this?

Beth Kiggins

Here's what we found a week or so ago when trying to research the issue:

I just did a quick search about the Firefox problem and landed on this page: http://www.articulate.com/support/kb_article.php?product=ap9&id=5dph9pyssd5g

One suggestion was that if your server is compressing files, then the Engage interaction will not load.  I tested the page using their compression tester and it confirmed that the presentation is being compressed.

The page suggested “Disable (turn off) compression on the hosting server, or exempt XML files from being compressed.”

What are your thoughts on this? Has this been updated?


Beth Kiggins

We were able to change the compression setting on a test server. The two Engage applications run without a problem in Firefox.

This is the same set of files I sent you previously. I just had to reload them on the server.

The URL is:


By the way, I was able to correct the audio file mentioned in the previous post by uploading the original set of files, which is also what I sent you previously.



Beth Kiggins

I was trying to explore the features of the Process option in Engage. I wanted to view the sample video located at:


This will also not play in Firefox, but plays in IE which supports the statement that it is a browser issue.


Nancy Terry

Hi all,

This issue was discussed in this thread as well http://community.articulate.com/forums/t/18052.aspx. In that thread, it was mentioned that the Quality Assurance team was looking into this - has there been any further updates on this exploration? Our LMS is hosted by a third party, and many of our users do not have admin rights on their computers to revert to earlier versions of Flash. Added to that, we have many Mac users who do not have access to IE, so we're hoping that a fix for this (and hopefully one that will not require removing all Engage activities from existing courses) will be available?

Thanks for any updates on this.