Articulate Studio 13 Resolution issues on new Laptop with high DPI

When inside a PPT presentation, I try to launch "Engage". It works but the Engage screen is literally one inch by 1 1/2 inches.  WAY too small to read (See attached).  What do I do?

I saw your answer for Storyline on this but I am not sure how to fix for Studio. Apparently, Storyline likes a 96 DPI setting. How do I adjust these settings in Studio?

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touvio anonymous

Thanks. I’ve already solved this issue and you should be embarrassed how easy it was to fix. You’ve had this issue open for nearly 2 years. It is obvious you made no attempt what so ever to fix it. Disgraceful.


I have step by step instructions for both Studio and Storyline. You can have them for $100,000.