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Justin St. Cyr

Thanks Brian!

I'm using the Tab interaction in Engage for a few slides.  What I would like to do is have the audio clip play from start to finish for the entire Tab interaction, not within each tab.  Currently, when I preview or publish the interaction the bottom tab in that slide acts as a stop button for the audio.  I need the user to be able to click back and forth between the tabs during the audio.

Am I barking up the wrong interaction?  Or is there a way around this? OR is it just me?

Thanks for helping out.


Anonymous User


I'm having the same problem as above but i need there to be a video playing in the presenter panel while allowing the user to click back and forth between engage tabs. When the user clicks on the last tab, the video will end after the duration of that particular tab (default is 5sec i think)

Any work around for a video instead of audio then?