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Jim Starr

Actually, it does on some Quizmaker slides and doesn't on others. I just tried adding audio to a question in Quizmaker. The audio added itself, but when i pushed "Save and return to presenter" nothing happens. Quizmaker is supposed to close and go back to PowerPoint.

When I try to close manually I get this:

Brian Batt

Hi Jim,

The error message says that you have insufficient disk space on your machine.  Do you have plenty of disk space?  Also, do you have a USB or network drive attached to the machine that has the name of Users?  Does the "temporary" drive folder on your machine have a limit or quota attached to it?

Jim Starr

I figured out part of the problem. I originally had my entire project on a network drive and cut and pasted the project to my local hard drive. However, Articulate was still looking for certain interactions and quiz maker files on my network drive. I could tell which ones because I disconnected my network drive and learned which files pointed there. Is there a way to check that all of my interactions are now pointing to my local hard drive besides Articulate asking to locate the files?