Audio File in Interaction Question

Hi there!

I'm trying to put together a Labeled Graphic interaction with only one audio file attached to it that plays the entire time the user is in one interaction.  Normally it seems all we can do is insert one audio file in each interaction point (plus sign, or tab, or bar, etc).  So, when a user clicks on the picture or tab the previous audio file stops playing while the new audio file starts playing.

Is there any way to have the audio file play while the end-user is interacting with all parts of the interaction?  In other words, is there any way to put the audio file in the introduction area and change it so that when they click on a new graphic or a tab, the previous audio keeps playing.

Hopefully that makes sense.  I tried to search for an answer but I couldn't find anything.


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Audrey Choden

I have the same question.

I am using Studio 13 and using a Labeled Panel interaction type. I want the student to click on the markers on the image and have the corresponding audio play. I have set the properties so that the student has to click on the markers in numbered order.

The audio file I am using has all the narration for this particular interaction.

I checked E-Learning Uncovered and could not find out how to do this.