Audio in Engage

When I record in Presenter, the audio clarity is great.  Have never had a problem with how it sounds while recording or when published.

When I record in Engage, there is a tin-like / in-a-tunnel feel when I play it back – immediately upon finishing the recording.  Interestingly, when I open the audio file (while in Engage) the clarity is great.  (see attached picture)  When I publish the Engage interaction inside the Presenter file, it continues to have the tin-like / in-a-tunnel feel, whether in preview mode or after publishing to CD. 

On the boards, I’ve found issues about the in-a-tunnel feel – though they haven’t been specific to Engage and most seem to be at the point of publication.  I see the problem immediately.

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Wayne Vermillion

Ann, have you considered recording narration with a third-party tool such as Audacity? That particular product is free, easy yet powerful, and provides a consistent output that you can import into any Articulate component. This isn't to disparage Articulate's own recording capability, just to point out a better tool.

In a bear-in-mind that I've noticed, I hear the tunnel effect when I preview an Engage .intr, but it sounds fine once published. That's not a report-worthy bug to report, I haven't thought, but it is a noticeable difference in quality in preview mode.