Audio Upload Issue AND Interaction Advancement Question

Question 1: No matter what type of Engage interaction I am using, when I attempt to upload my own audio file it defaults to recording my own audio.  So from the edit labels screen, I click Upload Audio, double-click on the .wav file I want, Engage thinks for a minute (shows green progress lines like it's processing), then it shows "Ready" and "0.00s" in the audio line and only the Record button is available to click on.  How can I resolve this?

Question 2: Specifically with the Carousel interaction, but in general as well, I'd like the user to be able to click on the rotating images in any order and still advance through the slide.  Right now , if they don't click in what engage thinks is the correct order of images, the progress needle will go back and forth on the bar and not let the user advance until they happen to click on the image that brings the needle to the end.  How do I adjust it so the user can leave at anytime (this interaction is embedded in a larger presentation) and click on the images in any order without effecting hte progress bar?

thank you!

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Peter Anderson

Hi Malerie, and welcome to Heroes!

For your first question, there are several things you can do to make sure that your audio plays correctly.

  • If you are importing audio we recommend using 16 bit 44 KHZ PCM WAV files for best results. If your WAV file does not meet these guidelines you can convert your wav file using a free audio editing tool.
  • If you are importing MP3 files you should make sure that you are using flash-supported MP3 files. If you are experiencing unexpected issues with your MP3 file and it is flash-supported try converting the MP3 file to a 16 bit 44 KHZ PCM WAV file and then import the file again.

As for the second question, you may be able to find troubleshooting help related to the Carousel interaction here. For general ideas on un/restricted navigation, please see:

Melissa Mitchell

Hi, Peter,

Thanks for your help and prompt reply.  I figured out what to do for my second question--thanks for the link! As for the first issue, I am still experiencing issues. I double-checked my audio properties, and they should work and have worked in the past, but for some reason now when I click on upload audio, it acts as if I've clicked record audio. 

I'm worried I'm going to need to remove and reinstall the program.  Does what I'm describing make sense?

Thanks, again,


Peter Anderson

Hi Melissa!

If you'd like, you can send us your interaction and audio file, along with whatever steps you're taking, and we'll see if we can reproduce it on our end. You can do that here:

Please make a note of the url for this thread so we can follow up with a solution. Thanks!