Audio will not import to engage tabbed interaction

I have built a training using presenter.  I have inserted a tabbed interaction in engage 09.  I have attempted to import audio to the different tabs. I find the file, click open, I am returned to engage and nothing happens.  When I attempt to publish, thinking maybe it won’t play till I publish – no audio. 

 The settings on my audio files are as follows:

1411 kbps




Powerpoint file is saved on my C drive.  Audio is not.

Any thoughts on solving the problem would be greatly appreciated.  As with everyone else doing what we do, I am under a tight time crunch for this.

Thank  you.


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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Philip!

It's possible your audio is being blocked by a firewall. Engage uses MP3 files to play audio in an interaction. So if you're unable to hear the audio in an interaction, it's likely your corporate firewall is blocking MP3 files from downloading on your computer. Please see this article for more details.

If you can eliminate that as a possible reason, please feel free to submit a ticket on it, and our support tam will be happy to help out. Thanks!