Best Practices for Importing a PowerPoint with Quiz Questions

I'm an Instructional Designer who has been using Storyline 2 to create interactive eLearning courses for a non-profit. Recently, they have asked that all courses be translated into Spanish using a translation company. Unfortunately, the translation company does not have Storyline 2 nor are they very tech savvy. The decision was made that we would provide the translator with PowerPoint versions of the content so he can translate the slide content, Notes (script), quiz questions/answers/feedback, and also record audio for us.

The non-profit has hired a person to import these new Spanish PPTs into Studio 13, and I am trying to see if there are some best practices you guys have for taking this PPT and importing it in. 

  • Is it best to use Engage for this task? 
  • Does Engage allow you to make quiz questions with feedback?
  • Should we skip Engage and go right to Quizmaker? 

Please note that this will literally be importing PPT into Articulate Studio and turning the quiz slides into interactive quiz slides with feedback for LMS reporting. 

I TRULY appreciate any assistance so I can train this new person. I am a "pro" at Storyline 2, but I am going to bow down to the pros for Studio 13 here and ask for your advice! :)


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