Bloated Engage files won't deflate

I had an engage 360 interaction into which I inserted videos from my hard drive... but the videos were huge and the engage interaction was ~500 Mb.

So I stripped out the videos and used web-link references to the videos. Turns out Engage doesn't support "autoplay" with that functionality (because somehow chrome blockeds these type of source-files and not mp4 that have been inserted into the bloated engage file).

Anyway, after emails to support and research it seems it's not possible to get engage videos to autoplay when inserted via the web...  so here's my problem.  The .intr file is huge -- half a gigabyte.

So I got a copy of handbrake and squeezed the 500 Mb worth of videos down to 39 Mb in total and inserted all of them back into the engage interaction and now they behave as intended when viewed on the web. Autoplaying without a problem.

But here's the stickler -- my .intr file is STILL half a gigabyte in size.  Why doesn't it shrink once I've removed all the big video files???


PS... just for yucks I did a "save-as" and it DID (then) shrink the file down to 40 MB, so then I did another save-as and overwrote the orginal file.

But why should I have to do that?  Why can't I force some sort of reoptimization on the .intr file once the smaller videos have been inserted?  Thanks everyone.

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Joe Tansengco

Hi Jim,

Articulate 360 project files retain their original file size for a time to give learners access to the 'Undo' functionality in case they would like to roll back a change that they made to their course. Basically, what's happening is that the course is still keeping copies of the deleted or replaced media files in case the author of the course decides to use the undo function. 

Your project file size will eventually adjust as you save a couple of times. But you can also quickly remove unused assets by saving and closing the project, re-opening it, and saving it again.

Hope this helps!