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Mar 14, 2014

We have discovered that some of the interactions in some of our training modules are not working consistently.  It seems to be an issue with interactions in Articulate Engage (not Storyline) and only when viewed in Chrome.  They seem to work fine when viewed in Firefox or IE.  Has anybody else experienced similar issues?  Do we have any solutions?

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Eric Vogel

The modules in question are used for 4-H volunteer training in Minnesota in a national online volunteer enrollment program known as 4-H Online.  Some of the 4-H people who work with 4-H Online are meeting this week in Texas and this problem is on their agenda.  Today's feedback from Todd Mehrkens of Minnesota includes:

"Suggestions are to republish in Articulate (making sure to choose the SCORM 2004 format) or, if possible, to convert the module to Storyline. But, quite honestly, even these are hopeful suggestions, not known solutions.  We're continuing to press in on this.  We did find out that reloading the modules won't affect those who have completed the modules - and the impact on the Incompletes will be that they'll have to start over."
"I also want to play with Chrome a bit - we learned yesterday that Chrome no longer uses the Adobe Reader add-in - instead it uses it's own PDF viewer (which creates problems of it's own). I think this is exactly the issue we're having with the Flash player - in other words, Chrome doesn't use Adobe Flash - it has it's own Flash player.  We found a way to turn off Chrome's PDF viewer, but I haven't looked for a way to turn off the Chrome Flash player - but, even doing that as a solution, would mean volunteers would have to do the same - and I don't think that's feasible to expect."
We use Scorm 2004 already for publishing so that won't make a difference going forward.  Does anything else that he wrote indicate a possible solution?
Eric Vogel

We think we know the cause; we don't know the answer but we know the cause.

It seems to be related to a recent Chrome update.  My computer is running an older version and our modules ran fine.  Coworkers  running a newer version of Chrome were having consistent problems.  One of them subsequently tried viewing on a different computer with an earlier version of Chrome and again, the modules ran fine. 

What should we do?

Cho Phillips

Hello everyone,

I have been having issues as well with select interactive files not working on our educational materials. I am thinking that Eric is right: It may well be an issue with the browsers and less to do with the Articulate interactives. I do have a student who tried on their Mac and it was causing them issues on the Chrome and Safari web browsers, even in Firefox. And since there is no IE for Mac, Opera was the last alternative. Still struggling to get that resolved, but at any rate I personally am in a dire situation with all my students on the site. In time they could well be up at arms with my company if we don't find a solution, if not at least an alternative, to their accessibility problems or use of the curriculum.

Please help. I have already submitted a ticket and doing all I can to find a resolution myself. Will share if I come up with anything.

Cho Phillips

Ok so it looked like it was a server-side compression that was making the files un-readable through the web browser. Since hosting it outside of the site, we had to adjust the .htaccess file to handle the compression issue specifically for that file type.

I hope this solves the issue for good. If anything else comes up, ill let you all know.

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