Bulletin Board Interaction - Engage 13

Sep 17, 2014

Is it possible to change the images used for the bulletin board and the notes.

An example would be the background bulletin board changed to be to be a chalk board or flowchart

and the notes images to be individuals faces, street signs, etc.

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Ramon Smitherman

Thanks Leslie,

My goal is to produce interactions with clickable events and avoid using PowerPoint hyperlinks. PPT hyperlinks are easily broken when

when copying slides from one presentation to the next.

Storyline is my preference but my current project is with Studio.

I did replace the *.SWF files with images saved as a .swf and that worked. However only in the published directory. Any edits to the engage and the images files would have to be manually replaced again.

The closest thing to interactive media with triggers and layers in Studio is Quizmaker. I will be putting my efforts in Quizmaker for unique freeform interactions.