Bypassing steps in Engage interactions

I have my Engage Interaction Properties set to advance in any order, and the next and previous buttons appear.

This set of learners is asking for a way to bypass the interaction altogether with the next button rather than using the left hand menu to go to the next screen. In the PPT Slide Properties, I have next set to Advance to Next Slide, but instead it advances to the next step in the interaction.

Any advice on how to meet this set of learner's needs?

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Ali Goulet

Hi Stephanie!

Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us here. When you're in Presenter, if you go to the placeholder for your interaction and select Edit Properties there will be a drop down to select whether the previous and next buttons go to steps in the interaction or slides in the presentation. By selecting slides in the presentation in that drop down, your next button will go to the next slide rather than the next step. Take a peek at the screenshot attached for reference. :)