Can't open an artpkg file for engage after changing the file type

I am trying to get Engage to open a file for the page turning animation that was created in Engage (Man on the Moon) to use for my own training.  

I have successfully converted the file type, however, it won't seem to actually load into my Engage. 

Can someone help me resolve this?  Thanks in advance, 


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sara, 

Engage '09 community interactions (flashcards, flipbook, stairstep, etc.) are no longer supported. As a result, community interactions will be converted to process interactions when you upgrade to Engage 360.

If you have old Engage '09 Community Interactions that you want to upgrade to Engage 360 you can follow the steps here! 

If you're getting stuck in the upgrade process just let us know where, and we'll troubleshoot from there! 

Sara Hartsell

My Engage is not recognizing the file to upgrade it. (I understand what you’re talking about, because I do it with my Storyline all the time.)

 However, it isn’t opening with my Engage. Is there something else that I can do? I really need this interaction.

 I’ve included the extracted file that won’t upload.



Sara Hartsell

Thanks. I thought that was what I was looking for, but no. I needed it to look like the example that is posted on the sight in the discussion that I linked above. I guess it just can't look or function like that anymore because it's been "upgraded". With so many people looking for the same thing that I am, I can't believe that the Articulate developers haven't put this into the updates. (I have already put in for a change) This is the first time I've been so disappointed by Articulate. :( Thanks for the files, they might be useful in some other way to me.  I guess I will have to figure something else out.  

Leslie McKerchie

Sorry to hear that Sara.

You could pull this off with Storyline perhaps as I've seen others in the forums do so.

Check out these threads to see if it helps you with your design:

Creating Flipbook using Storyline

flip book pages animation

Tutorial: Adding a Flip Book to Your Storyline Course

Hope that helps :)