Can't Resize Media in Timeline or Media Panel (and others)

I'm having trouble getting media that I insert into some Engage interactions to display at the largest possible size.

For example, in the Timeline, it's telling me that I can't have a video any larger than 376 px wide. But the website says it can be 608 pix wide. (You'll also see in the screenshots below that on two of the steps, the videos which are of the same aspect ratio are displaying at two different sizes EVEN THOUGH the program says they are both 376 wide and can't go any wider.)

And in the Media Panel, I'm being limited to 252 pix wide but the website says the media should be 601 wide. 

So what is going on? This is happening both on imported/converted engage 09 interactions that I'm updating to 13, and ones I am building from scratch in 13. 


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