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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paulette,

I see that your one photo is on the Help tab - you won't find the publish button on that tab, but it should appear on any of the others. 

As for the print/save/etc. functionality for those to be missing I think we'd want to take a further look at additional information from your system if you've gone through the steps Christie mentioned. You can connect with our Support engineers as well. 

Paulette Suggs

Hi Ashley - Thank you for following-up.  The attachments are Snag-it screen prints.  So, there is the appearance that the photo is on the Help tab (the dropdown is in front of the help tab), when you click on the Articulate symbol "a" the list of functionalities are revealed.  I did reach out to the support engineers and sent them a copy of the actual Engage interaction.