Cannot preview Engage interactions

We are creating customized color schemes… when I make a change on any test Engage interaction, it HIDES the dialogue box somewhere on the system… I sit and wait and wait for it to process – practicing deep breathing and trying to improve my patience!--- I am not realizing it is waiting on a response from me.  The only way to display those response dialogue boxes is to got to task manager and try to exit the program. Then I do respond and of course, task manager exits the program. It is like the dialogue boxes are playing hide-and-seek with me today. Can anyone help?

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Tammy Sellers

Reboot - yes multiple times....

Dual monitors - yes... why would that make a difference... the dialogue box is not visible on either monitor -- it is always appearing underneath the Engage dev screen which is not movable while the dialogue box is open underneath.. ahhh, the vicious circle!

And yes to the local drive - no usb port. We are docking station and it is on the drive.....

I jsut reinstalled - repared, following the directions on the form.. that did not fix my newest issues - AP6.exe errors.... and now trying to determine about the .NET 2 application.... it does not allow me to download the SP fix either.... I so hate this program... I have wasted almost 10 valuable development days because I don't know what I don't know.. if that makes any sense!

Steve McAneney

I don't know if this is related, but I had a similar issue a couple of weeks ago after converting large MPG videos to FLV using Articulate Video Encoder, then inserting them in Presenter. I think it was when publishing that the dialogue boxes were hidden. Powerpoint shut down a couple of times and even complained about the Articulate add-on being corrupt. After a couple of shut downs, removing the big FLV's and re-enabling the Articulate ribbon everything was OK. Maybe Engage is running out of resources and unable to display the dialogue boxes? 

To summarise, you don't have any really memory hungry assets in your Engage do you? Perhaps they need re-working?