Change the color of the caption background in media tour?

May 23, 2011

I'm working on a course that uses a particular color of gray in the visual design, and I'm wondering if I can change the color of the caption background in a media tour interaction to match that color gray. I've tried to change the color in the Engage color scheme editor, but I can't find an option to change that particular element. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Brian Batt

Hi Sarah,

You can actually do this post-publish by using the method below:

1. Publish your Engage interaction

2.  Open the engage_content folder

3.  Open the data.xml in a Text Editor like Notepad & look for this:

[quote]"<textbg bgcolor="0x000000" maxheight="60" />"[/quote]

4.  Then, change the bgcolor tag.  Let's say you want to use purple.  It has a value of:  #7D26CD.  Therefore, your finished textbg tag will look like this:

[quote]"<textbg bgcolor="0x7D26CD" maxheight="60" />"[/quote]

Good luck!  I hope that helps!