Changing text colours in a Glossary

Hi team,

I'm having a little trouble customising the colours in for an Engage glossary.  This course has a "white text on black/dark background" theme and I'd like to replicate that in the glossary, but I can't seem to make the text for the side list of terms, the alphabetical navigation across the top and the actual term description within the slide anything but black (see attachment).  Is it possible to change this text colour?  Any ideas?

Changing the Background and Text > Slide Text option only works on the title of the currently selected term and I know that I can lose the white background in the side list by changing the Callouts > Background settings. 

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Jeanette Brooks

Hi there Paul, and welcome! Engage doesn't currently support the ability to change the color on glossary terms or the letters on the search filter at the top. I know it's not exactly what you're looking for, but probably the approach that would look most consistent with the rest of your course is to use a tone of gray along with the black background. This would allow the letters in the search filter to show up. In the screenshot below, I used the color #595959 (65% gray) for the Slide Background, and this allows just enough of a contrast for the search filter at the top to still be visible.

Your other question was about how to change the definition text to white. That text is customizable from within the text-editing window of each definition...there's a text color tool in the editing area (see the 2nd image below). The only thing is, if you change it to white, you won't be able to see it in the editing window any more, since the editing window itself is white. So you'll probably want to use a very light gray color, as shown. Hope that helps!

Paul Smit

Thanks Jeanette!  I like the look of what you've done there, but I didn't mention that the course needs to cater for the visually impaired, so I'm not sure that the search filter will show up enough with the gray, but now that I know what can and can't be changed, I'll find a way, even if it means black text on a white slide background.  In this case, clarity is the priority over aesthetics, but I'm sure there's a balance there somewhere.

Thanks again.