Changing the external media window size

Mar 15, 2011

I am embedding a SWF file into an Engage Tabs module using the external window option.  Is it possible to change the size of the window when the swf file is run?

I would like to make it larger, but I do not see any regular program settings that I can use to change this.

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Jade Kelsall

Yes you can, by editing the data.xml file of the published engage interaction. Open this file and find the line which looks something like this:

      zoomheight="700" playbar="false" autoplay="false" zoomwidth="700" zoommode="NewWindow" allowzoom="true" align="top" duration="33" framerate="30" name="image0.jpg" zoomimage="swf0.swf" />

Edit the values in zoomwidth and zoomheight to the size that you want.

Remember though that you will have to make this edit every time that you republish your Engage interaction.

Hope this helps