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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Siva,

If I'm following, you're wanting to place an interaction within another interaction. Is that correct?

I'm afraid it's not possible to merge two interactions or have more than one interaction shown at one time. Interactions are created as standalone modules - they can be inserted into Presenter courses, along with other interactions and quizzes - but they function on their own and cannot be combined. 

I do like the idea, and I'm surprised I haven't seen more questions on the subject. If you'd like to see this as a feature in the future, I'd recommend sharing a suggestion with our product development team. 


Jackie Van Nice

Hi Christine!

I remember that a few years ago I was able to embed one Engage interaction into another (in Studio '09) by publishing one to web and manipulating the file a bit and embedding it into the other.

Aha! Found the Screenr from Jeanette - I'm sure this was my resource: https://player.vimeo.com/video/144019216

My cautionary tale about using this approach: Beware future edits and maintenance! Whoever is going to have to edit and/or maintain these will need good documentation on how to do it.

Jackie Van Nice

Hi Christine,

You're absolutely right. (Which is why you have the job you have!)

But I thought I should mention it. It brought back memories of an Engage-in-Engage project where I had to use quite a few of those interactions and then had to maintain them the following year. Kind of burned it all into my memory.

Have a great weekend!


Siva Jasthi

Jackie, Christine: Thank you for your inputs. I am using Articulate 13. Though linking / embedding the engage interactions through the method you shared sounds appealing, I am apprehensive about the maintenance of that approach.

This is what I am doing now..

[1 - 10] In the first e-learning course I am putting  (to explain a process), I have 10 separate accordian engage interactions.

[11] And I also created a timeline interaction (multiple periods and within each period, multiple events). The events will total to 10.

[12] Till then, there is no issue. I publish these to presenter. And 11 slides show up in the presenter. I now want to link up EVENT on the timeline to each of the accordian interactions. However, it appears that I can not even hyperlink my timeline events to different interactions.

This is where I am struggling.

So, I am planning to ditch the Timeline Interaction and mimic this behaviour in the Power Point slide itself. And hyper-link  the "event" DOTS to different engage interaction slides

Please let me know whether there are other optimal ways of linking.