Combining Multiple Images into a Single Engage



I trying to see if there is a way that you combine multiple Guided Images Engage's into a single Guided Image or different Engage activity. I am creating a WBT that explains how to use a piece of software. The first Guided Image (Screenshot #1) takes the person through the main screen and all of the requirements (i.e. name, email, and system) and have them press the submit button. The next Guided Image (Screenshot #2)  is then the email they receive with an explanation. The last Guided Image (Screenshot #3) the final image displays the final results.  Each screenshot is a different screenshot of the software or email. (The screenshots are not attached)


I am concerned that the 3 Guided Images don't flow the best and the might be confusing. Any suggestions of how I can do this differently in Engage or using Guided Images.




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