Community interaction nice to have: coin-flip interaction

Have any of you bright folks developed a coin-flip simulation for an .intr? It would represent a binary yes/no decision. I have lesson content that requires simple memorization of vehicle registration eligibility - is X eligible? Is a vehicle of type Y eligible? How about type Z, yes/no? I'd like to let the user pick Yes or No (heads or tails), then the coin spins and lands on the desired outcome. From a pure instructional design POV, this  screams out for a printed job aid, and I'm sure the users will develop their own such aids, but I'm tasked with creating a lesson for it. The SME info has two columns (only), but I'm not going to subject the learners to static screen content like that.

This idea was an outgrowth of the revolving flash card community .intr, which is my fall-back if the coin idea doesn't work.



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Dana Kocalis

I had an idea for a coin flip feature in a course this week and have been trying to find out how ever since.  I am continuing to look and will let you know if I find something compatible.  I found how to do it using Ppt versions (earlier than 2010) as an animation, but I have PPT 2010 and they took away the main animations needed to do a coin flip.