Completion Checkmark within Tab Engage Interaction

Is there a simple way to insert a checkmark of completion and/or change the color of a tab completed within the Tab Engage Interaction?  For example if I have 4 tabs on one topic, is there a way to insert a checkmark or change the color to indicate that a learner has covered the content? Feedback I have researched is that the color of the timeline can be changed to indicate completion but nothing within the Interaction itself? Thoughts?

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Jill Freeman

Hi, Alex. I have not found a way to place a check mark or any color change in the "viewed" tabs. When this is a requirement, I create regular, branched slides to accomplish it. You must basically create a slide they come back to after they complete each item, and you add a checkmark each time to the items they have viewed. 

The attached image might help show how I used this method with 4 videos the student needed  to watch. After they click on video #2 to watch it, they will be returned to this same screen with a checkmark added above video #2. 

If I'm not explaining it clearly, please let me know.  :o)