Copy Engage Interactions and renaming them


I have created engage interactions for a presentation and I want to copy that presentation for another set of learners and make changes to the copied presentation.  For example, I originally create a presentation for Group A, I want to copy this presentation for Group B, but make some changes to the interactions - depending on what Group B requires that Group A does not.

When I make the changes, it changes the same interactions in Group A presentation.  I assume because the interactions have the same name. 

How can I avoid this without creating the presentation from scratch the second time?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Sarah -- Thanks for your question, and if I am understanding you properly, you would need to open the Group A Engage interaction by itself (outside of the PPT), and if you click on the lowercase 'a' in the upper left corner of your interaction, you can open a dropdown file and do a 'Save As' to copy the Group A interaction and Rename it Group B. 

Then you would be able to make the edits you needed to your Group B interaction without having them affect our original Group A interaction. Does that make sense?