Create Engage Interaction without Seeing Markers

Hi All,

Sorry if this is a newbie question - I searched, but couldn't find similar type question/answer.

On my slide, I have 4 boxes. I want my user to be able to click on each of the boxes and have an action occur (such as open a web site, open a new e-mail using the mailto: command, etc.).

I saved the slide background as a graphic, and I was thinking that the labeled graphic Engage interaction would be the correct way to approach creating this type of interaction. But when I create the Engage interaction, the user has to click on a marker and then click on the hyperlink in the window that pops up. Is there a way to create an Engage interaction without the user seeing the Markers that I place on top of each of the boxes in the graphic?

I want them to think they are clicking on the box itself and that click triggers the event. I don't want them to click on the marker and then have to click a second time on the hyperlink in the Is there a way to do that (with or without using Engage)?



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Anna Oftedal

Thanks, Phil.

It actually was as simple as adding the hyperlinks to my original PowerPoint on the graphic boxes. For some reason, I thought those would be lost in the publishing to Flash. But it works great! No need to use Engage to enable simple hyperlinking or open a new e-mail using mailto:.

I should have tried that before posting