Create linear flow in Engage

Is it possible to force users to progress through Engage interactions in a linear fashion?  I thought if I set the navigation in the Presenter Player Template to Locked or Restricted that would do it...  but it didn't.  When I do this and the user clicks the next slide button to progress (after finishing the interaction), she gets a message that tells her she may only view current or previous slides.  I want the user to be able to click on that button an then move on to the next interaction.  Any help is sooo appreciated!

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Lorie,

I've been playing around, trying to remember if there's a way to do that. In terms of what restricted and locked do, I went back to look at my notes (there's SO much to remember about these programs) and found this, which explains the messages:

Articulate >Player Template>Navigation, Navigation area.
User Navigation is either
    • Locked: Learners can't move to next slide until current one has finished playing
    • When it does finish, they can only move forward, not backward

    • Restricted: Learners can't move forward from current slide, but they can go backward either with back button or slide title in outline

If you set this to JUST locked, would that work for your purposes? Or did you try that already?