Custom bullets in Engage

I made a serendipitous discovery last week. I wanted to use a right-pointing red arrowhead as a bullet in a text area, but Engage has only a basic black bullet in the text format tab. But when copying and pasting text in and out of Word, I discovered that I could create such an arrow bullet using Word's more-robust bullet options (using the Wingding family of symbols), and add that format to my style sheet. When copied and pasted into Engage, the bullet and hanging indent were retained. A drawback is that it did not retain the red color, but I could individually select the arrow and turn it red from the text format tab, sincethe programthen saw it not as a bullet but as a text character. Unfortunately, changing one arrow to red and copying and pasting it for the rest of the instances caused the indentation to behave erratically. A lot of steps to accomplish what I wanted vs. a feature that could be part of the Engage program, but it did work. See?

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