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I have some Engage Tab slides in a presentation. It's a mandatory module, so advancing is restricted to previous slides only. The Engage slides require all the tabs to be viewed before the "Next Slide" button appears. If someone clicks too quickly, the "Next Slide" button appears but when you click it, it says, "Back Only: You may only view slides that you have already viewed." The user can move forward only after they click each tab more slowly. This verbage is confusing some viewers.

How can I edit the text label, but just for the Engage slides, so that it says something like, "Please view all items on this slide in order to continue"? Is this something I need to do in an xml file?

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Dianne Holley Mountain

Yes, thank you, but this changes the warning for all slides, right? I want to only change it for the Engage slides. The Backonly wording is correct for the rest of the slides. Perhaps there is some way for the Engage Trap messages to play for the Engage slides instead of the Backonly. The Backonly text doesn't make sense in the Engage context.

Flow: Engage Trap Title Notification
Flow: Engage Trap Message Please view all items on this slide to continue.
Anthony Leonard

I am having this exact same problem as well. Currently the Flow Back Message is opening for both engage slides and PPT slides during the presentation. How do you set the Flow Engage Trap Message to supercede the Flow Back Only message on the Engage Slides, and keep the Flow Back only message to work with the PPT slides within the presenter?

Dianne Holley Mountain

I never found the answer to this question, but I did find a workaround. I set it so the length of time required to view each Engage slide was only .1 seconds instead of 5 seconds. That helped for all but the fastest clickers. You do this by editing the .xml file for each Engage interaction. Word of warning --- you have to do this each time you publish.