Disable Next button until last Engage slide displays

Mar 25, 2014

My customer is using Studio 13 and would like learners to be forced to click each tab of an Engage in order before moving to the next slide. I know how to lockstep in Engage and how to disable the Next button for the entire Engage.

But how can I disable the Next button while the learner clicks each tab of the Engage, and then enable the Next button when they click the final tab?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lisa and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

With the unified player now in Studio '13, this may be an unnecessary request.

The next button will simply guide the user through the interaction as opposed to taking them to the next slide as Presenter '09 did (due to the fact that there were 2 sets of controls).

You could simply set the interaction properties to not allow the user to leave until all the steps have been viewed as shown in this tutorial.

Lisa Cooper

Thank you for the response. However, the idea is not just to get to the next slide. The idea would be for the learner to have to click the Engage buttons in order to get to the next slide, so that the learner has more interaction with what the buttons represent. It seems that there would be less "thinking" involved if the learner is simply clicking "Next."

Disabling the Next button accomplishes this, but then the learner cannot move on to the next screen using the Player.

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