Don't skip video in Engage anyone?

Aug 03, 2011

I need to make sure that a video is watched by a learner 100% before he can move on to the next step or slide. Any ideas out there?

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Justin Wilcox
Kevin Stanley

I'm looking for an answer to this question for Engage '13.

I need the learner to view the entire video (step) before advancing to the next step.

Interactive mode allows me to hide the Previous/Next buttons but that would just make the whole course play through with no required interaction.

Linear mode forces the user to view steps in order but does not give me the option to hide Previous/Next allowing the learner to skip entire steps (videos) without even truly completing the step.

Presentation mode is the closest to what I need where the presentation advances by itself. However, this allows the learner to let the whole course run by itself with no interaction.

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