My course is set up so that learners must view each slide before moving on. I have some optional slides, including a 'How to Navigate This Course' Engage interaction.

  • It is a Labeled Graphic with seven labels.
  • The duration is 35 seconds.
  • It is set up to allow user to leave interaction anytime.

Because the course is set up as 'restricted', once the learner goes to the interaction, they have to sit through the entire 35 seconds. I want them to be able to leave the interaction at any time, not after 35 seconds.

The documentation states that you can't change the duration unless you have it set up to automatically advance, but that's not an option.

Does anyone know a way around this?



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Blake Griffin

Have you tried using the lock feature in the slide properties?  You should be able to lock each slide individually.


Here is what I am referring to on that particular page:

  • Lock: Click the cell in the lock column to lock the user on this slide. The lock icon will appear, which means that the user will not be able to use the sidebar navigation, seekbar, or forward / back controls in the Articulate Player to navigate away from this slide. The only way the user can exit the slide is by waiting for it to complete (if the slide is set to advance automatically) or by clicking on an object on the slide that hyperlinks to another slide (if the slide is set to advance by user). This feature is useful when building branching or decision-based courses.  [Video Tutorial]