editing audio from ppt narration when switching to engage

Aug 29, 2011

I'm trying to "reuse" my audio narration from the ppt narration and use it in an engage interaction. Is there a way to break up the original audio and cut & paste sections into my engage interaction individual tabs?

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Phil Corriveau

Hi Melissa.  This is how I'd do it:

  • Export the audio from your PPT presentation as WAV files (each slide will have a corresponding audio file).  This tutorial shows you how.
  • Open the appropriate WAV and edit the audio using a dedicated audio editing application and save as a WAV file.  If you don't have an audio editing app yet, then the freeware Audacity will more than do the job.
  • In Engage, navigate to the desired tab and import the WAV file.  To import the file:
  1. Click the Import audio file icon.
  2. The Open window will appear, and you can either browse to the audio file (.MP3 or .WAV format) and select it, or you can type the name in the file name field.
  3. Click Open to import the audio file.

I hope that helps...