editing engage or quiz files that are part of the presenter package

When creating a course, I create a folder on my C drive that houses a folder with my interactions that are created in quizmaker and engage. When pulling the existing files into the presenter, no problem. If I make changes to the engage or quiz files in that folder, why doesn't the presenter know to update them.  Does it not create a path to them?  Or does it somehow make a copy?  It seems that I can only get the interactions to update if I remove them and add them back into the presenter slide pack. Please help.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lynn!

When you insert an Articulate Quizmaker quiz or Articulate Engage interaction into your Articulate Presenter course, a copy of the original *.quiz or *.intr file is stored within the course's *.ppta file. This means that if you ever lose the original quiz or interaction file, you'll still be able to edit and publish it in Presenter. Please review this article for more information.