Embedding an engage interaction within a slide

May 29, 2013

Hi there, I am a relative newbie, so I hope I don't sound stupid asking  this question.  Does anyone know if it's possible to embed an engage interaction within a presenter slide without it taking up the whole slide?  More like in a section of the slide.  I would like to create a labled graphic interaction on several of these slides but don't necessarily want to lose the whole slide to the interaction.  Here is the slide I am talking about.  PS.  Thanks to whoever created the flatbook template!  I am loving it.



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Stefano Posti

Hello Kari, you should publish your interaction for web, then rename the file called player.html as index.html and then insert a web object in your slide pointing to the index.html file you created. So you'll be able to adjust web object size.... check out all the tutorials about it to get familiar with web objects and you're done.

Hope it helps


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