Embedding html in Engage Media Tour


Having read some really helpful questions and answers I have got quite far solving my problem but now I am stuck!

This is what I am trying to achieve:

A calculator that will work within a presentation and can be accessed at any point during the playing of the presentation.


The calculator cannot be a swf (as some of our users will using tablets et al)

So having worked through various solutions found in this rather wonderful forum this is what I have got so far:

An html calculator embedded as a video in an engage media tour inserted as a tab in the presentation

All good so far!

But a couple of issues:

1. Calculator doesn't load when viewed in Firefox (works in Chrome and IE)

2. More importantly the calculator only shows when the mouse is rolled over the video placeholder and is not centred over the video placeholder - see picture below.

I want the calculator ideally to be there without doing the roll over and not be off centre.

I have tried a few different calculators but all have the same outcome. I am not an html expert by any means, just picked up what I need to know as I go along.

Is this problem solvable?

Many thanks


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