Enagag Tabs interaction contains no data

I just created a Tabs interaction in a pptx, saved and returned to Pressenter.  I went back in a couple minutes later and there was no data in the interaction!  The placeholder in the pptx shows data as well as the preview and publish versions.  No editing capability because the data is not in the template!  What the.....HELP!

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Amber Niebuhr

Hi Justin - Yes, I'm working on our network and I know better.  We need to have multiple people working on the same trainings so we are risking it by working on the network.  And no, it's not OK when I open it up by itself - nothing there.  The interaction was not extremely involved so I can redo it in a few minutes.  The lesson for today....STOP WORKING ON THE NETWORK!  Thanks for your help Justin!  Have a good day!